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Systematic Innovation since 1983

The Beta Group "firsts":

  • PorOsteon - porous nitinol technology platform for orthopedic applications. A better, lower cost alternative to Zimmer's very successful porous tantalum technology.
  • Alternative Golf Association - Led by Scott McNealy, top golfer and former Sun Microsystems CEO, AGA and "Project Flogton" are launching "golf for the rest of us" with a combination of innovative rules, equipment and wiki-based games to reduce the frustration, time, cost and difficulty of USGA restrictions. Though "illegal" by USGA terms, we hope to avoid jail time. www.flogton.com
  • Sapphire Medical - first adjustable knotless arthroscopic bone anchor (Tornier).
  • Avantek - first 3-piece ophthalmic frame with no intrusions in the optical zone, drill holes or wire lens supports.
  • Portaero - first treatment for homogeneous COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).
  • Pixl Golf - first use of face dynamics architecture in golf club faces (Ping IsoForce).
  • NDC - first commercial laser cut polished nitinol cardiovascular stents (Johnson & Johnson).
  • Flexon - first flexible metal ophthalmic frames (Marchon).
  • Personics - first on-demand custom music service (1986).
  • Beta Phase - first 3-D, zero insertion force high density (400 lines/inch) electronic connector system (Molex).
  • FoXS Labs - first intro arterial continuous blood gas monitor (Puritan Bennett/Nellcor).
  • SMArt Clamp - first solid state intravenous flow controller (3M/AVI).

The Beta Group is a privately held company focusing on strategic innovation in partnership with individuals, venture capitalists and corporations. We develop technology to meet existing market needs, often starting with only an idea. If the concept still appears attractive after extensive analysis, we then develop or acquire patent positions, identify management, and seek financing from individuals, venture capitalists or corporate partners. Beta has developed products for diverse markets, including consumer products (Marchon's Flexon® eyeglasses, PING® IsoForce™ putters), medical devices (Johnson & Johnson cardiovascular stents) and electronics (Cray supercomputer ZIF connectors, Motorola communications test equipment).

Beta develops technologies from their conception to their commercialization. We prefer focusing on the earliest stages of development, building from scratch and taking ideas through "beta" test to prove their commercial viability. Our "Inventrepreneur" process is often long term (5-7 years per idea) and we focus on a variety of markets where innovation can have a significant and sustainable impact, not just hyper-growth emerging markets. Each new venture must stand on its own, attracting outside management and capital beyond the seed stage. We have no structural constraints and have developed our businesses through joint ventures, technology licenses, acquisitions and start-ups, both in the U.S. and overseas.

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