Pixl Golf

Pixl Golf was formed to explore golf face architecture to improve the dynamics of ball/clubface impact. Three technologies have so far been conceived with issued or pending patents:

  • "Pixels" - individual rods which disrupt vibrational energy patterns on the face and redirect that lost energy back to the ball, similar to springs in a mattress.
  • "Bars" - allow differential geometries to maximize the performance of the face compared to a monolithic face.
  • "Temperature Compensated" - uses patented shape memory technology to provide softer feel in cold weather to offset ball stiffness.

Pixels are the only commercialized product to date, having been used in the PING Isoforce and Pixl Golf clubs. The Isoforce Anser F putter, featuring pixels, was PING's third-highest dollar winning putter in PGA Tour play in 2003. Pixl Golf's products have won several awards including "Putter of the Year" and "Wedge of the Year." Both Bars and Temperature Compensated are in development.