Advanced Materials

Beta's experience with SMA includes two of its most successful applications: optical frames and cardiovascular stents. Although it is difficult to process and is expensive, we focus on nitinol because its performance benefits more than compensate. In addition to several utility patents, we have extensive experience in the design and manufacturing processes including forming, cutting, joining, polishing, work hardening and heat treatments. We look for nitinol applications which can simplify designs and provide highly reliable, cost-effective solutions. Our patent position includes applications in pipe and electrical cable connections, medical tools and devices, consumer products, and zero-failure fasteners.


Though a more limited area of expertise, we believe biomaterials will be an area of continued growth. Our FoxS Labs technology included the encapsulation of photosensitive dyes in polymeric matrices with anti-clotting capability. Our CollOptics developments focus on collagen-based lenticules and adhesives to provide stable, clear, laser-adjustable, reversible lenses for a corrective refraction alternative to PRK and LASIK. Our development of the BPH stent used proprietary biomaterials which maintain their strength for a specified duration and then dissolve in a predictable, uneventful manner when therapy is complete.