While extensive developments have focused on ball, shaft, materials and club head design, the clubface itself remains largely unchanged. Beta's approach uses a new architecture for the face, much like a modern mattress differs from a trampoline. Pixl Golf launched a family of putters with PING (the IsoForce putters) and then entered the iron and wedge market with Pixl brand clubs. The putters received top awards in 2001 and 2002 and the wedges in 2002 and 2003. Even the Pixl blades were able to perform extremely well competing with cavity backs (Golf Test USA article). A "Generation 2" technology is currently under development.


Our interest is to improve safety of bindings. Current systems employ variations on the "beartrap" no-release design. While the industry continues to reject impact and on-demand releasable alternatives, we believe a positive release system can save lives in critical situations like deep powder and avalanche conditions. Unlike skis, a snowboard acts as an anchor, immobilizing a person who has fallen into a tree well or deep powder. We sponsored an engineering review which we sent to several board manufacturers and are currently working with binding designers to improve existing offerings.