Frame Technology: Despite being around for over 400 years and representing over two thirds of all eyecare use, frames still rely on an ineffective technology. Screws come out (40mm/year), lenses come loose, coatings scratch easily, frame mounts cause distortion of precision lens optics, and they are very expensive. Sold to Marchon, Beta's Flexon technology demonstrated the value of function over fashion. We continue to develop solutions for this market.

• Shape memory fasteners: by replacing traditional screws with SMA-based designs, hinges and eyewire closure are in constant tension.

• Three piece frames: Instead of cutting into the lenses for screw connections, lens tabs and "grabbers" are used to firmly grasp the lenses directly, yielding a solid connection with a clean profile.

• Bendable frames: Nitinol frames resist fatigue and bending 10x better than other metals. Licensed to Marchon.

Ophthalmic Surgery: Today's generation of refractive surgery is defined by laser based PRK and LASIK procedures. They suffer a 5-10% failure rate-high for an elective cosmetic procedure-and are irreversible. The next generation should have better corrective capabilities and be reversible. CollOptics technology is focused on a biomaterial technology which is both laser adjustable and reversible.