Drug Delivery

Objective: Develop a family of small, reliable devices using shape memory alloy actuation technology for ambulatory, implantable and IV delivery systems.
Market: Mechanical drug delivery devices range from simple roller clamps for keep-vein-open (KVO) applications (approximately 40% of all infusions) to highly sophisticated multiple channel pump systems costing thousands of dollars. As hospitals are shrinking and patients are going home earlier, cost pressures continue to mount on hospitals. The development of disposable electronic roller clamps could provide alarm and flow data and reduce labor costs in hospitals. Ambulatory devices using batteries or a foam-based pressure supply can be made small and simple.
Technology: Beta has developed actuation technology which replaces motors and gears with a simple closed-loop optical sensor and shape memory alloy actuation system to provide precise yet cost-effective flow control. In combination with electronic circuitry, this technology can be applied both to simple KVO infusion at less than $1 per day cost to micro-implantable devices with refillable reservoirs. The reliability, size and cost make this technology appealing for drug delivery. A small electronics package--powered with batteries--as well as a non-electronic version is completed.
Commercialization: Currently, there is little financial investment interest in mechanical drug delivery. We would welcome interest from strategic partners seeking to develop a series of low-cost, disposable infusion devices.
Patents: Issued patents include 4,713,063; 4,731,069 and 4,645,489. Additional patent concepts exist for filing.
Contact: Bob Zider   zider@betagroupllc.com