Working with Us

There are two groups with whom Beta works on a regular basis:

Corporations. Beta works with established companies in three ways:

1) Venture funding. Corporations with strategic capabilities that relate to Beta technologies provide backing for moving the technologies to market. This support includes cash, R&D capabilities, and distribution infrastructure.

2) Venture development. Companies retain Beta to assist with their own new venture development process. Beta works on such assignments charging reduced consulting fees and relying on a carried interest in the eventual success of the effort to achieve its return objectives.

3) Technology outlicensing or business unit divestiture. Often companies are rich in technologies that are either too small or have lost their strategic imperative. In these instances, Beta can acquire these technologies for future considerations and invest in recognizing a return on the historical investments already committed.

Technical and Business Management. Beta seeks to identify and retain the talent most capable of addressing the focused risk issues specific to a venture. Beta prefers small teams with strong equity motivation.

Beta welcomes contacts from companies and scientists with relevant skill sets and the interest to explore opportunities for building primary value. Beta believes that success is more likely through partnerships. A relay team will always beat the fastest runner in a long race. We take the baton on the first leg of innovation and actively seek partnerships with individuals and companies that can take the handoff. Beta seeks compensation based on the success of the business, preferring equity to cash.

As a privately held company, Beta is flexible in our relationships. Our objectives are simple. Develop and build proprietary technology applications that address a market need. Make a difference. Leave something of real value behind. And, enjoy the journey.